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Sometimes events in our life can become challenging and overwhelming. There may even be times when we feel unhappy or dissatisfied but unable to pinpoint the problem. Going through such experiences may lead us feeling lonely, isolated and possibly vulnerable. However, on the outside this may be displayed as anxiety & depression. It can be daunting to talk about certain issues with close friends & family members, possibly due to the fear of being judged.


Counselling, also known as 'talking therapy' allows the freedom to explore emotions and feelings in a confidential and safe environment. With the aid of a qualified counsellor, one can discover ways of bringing balance and restore positive changes. The ultimate aim of a counsellor is to facilitate client's journey to self-discovery and emotional self leading them to take control of their own life choices. 

Counselling is rooted in the principle that individuals can help themselves, provided they receive the right kind of support. An effective counsellor will aim to:

  • facilitate behavioural changes

  • improve the ability to establish and maintain relationships 

  • promote decision making process

  • support the ability to cope and recognise the effectiveness

A person-centred counsellor focuses on exploring the phenomenological view of the individual and how they perceive themselves. This is done by providing non-directive approach alongside the use of empathy, congruence and unconditional regard. The counsellor creates a growth-promoting climate in which the individual can move forward and become capable of becoming their authentic self. An effective counsellor does not:

  • attempt to sort out client problems

  • direct the client in decision making

  • attach own stories or emotions  

  • be judgemental

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Everything in our system is energy and flows through pathways or channels known as the meridians. Sometimes certain life experiences and events especially during the early childhood years can cause disruption in one or more of the body’s energy systems (meridians), which can eventually contribute to illness and cause emotional and psychological imbalance. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an empowering set of tools without the use of needles that provide a relaxation technique, to manage anxiety and increase the mind-body awareness. Tapping on the meridian points help reduce the fight or flight response, regardless of the fear physically being present.  By releasing the energetic trauma, EFT decreases the activities in the parts of the brain associated with fear. This eventually allows the energy to flow freely to the body’s cells, bringing balance to the individual’s emotional state.

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